With the growth of the growing industrial trade, the problems and complications of the people of Bangladesh are increasing day by day. In the process of solving the problem, different ideas of the Sea Queen, variations of different types of systems, etc. are evolving. The queen of the sea will cross the length of twenty-first century as first published. “Sea Queen modern trend” can be divided into two parts for the development of SEA QUEEN. For example:

1) Trend of caretaker and 

2) Management related trends.

The following are the important information of the two things mentioned below: 

  1. Reasonable Conditional 
  2. Tourism 
  3. Re-union 
  4. Programs 
  5. Production House 
  6. Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martine  
  7. Coral 
  8. ISQPC [International Sea Queen Presenters of Coral]